Bill Belichick on working relationship with Tom Brady: 'Every year is different'

Beth Cruz
December 21, 2017

It was rumored that there is a rift between Belichick and Guerrero, who no longer travels with the team after being a familiar sight on the Patriots' sidelines in their previous games. A business partner of Brady, Guerrero has an office near the Patriots locker room and has treated several players other than Brady.

Brady will continue to work with Guerrero, but it's hard to find any lasting dings in the Patriots' armor - or any sign that Brady may not haunt the Bills into his mid-40s - so any indication of a rift between Brady and Belichick should make Bills fans' ears perk up.

"I don't have any comment on that other than to say Alex, it's been well-documented, has been a huge part of what I do and I'm so fortunate to have him not only as a friend, but with everything that we've been able to do together", Brady said Monday during a radio appearance on WEEI.

Belichick: "I meet with all the players all the time".

The Globe reported in 2015 that the Patriots medical and training staffs had lodged complaints with Belichick about Guerrero's expanding role with the team.

In the years after, Belichick allowed many of Brady's teammates to participate in training regimens not with the Patriots' highly regarded medical and training staff, but at the TB12 Center just outside of the stadium in Patriot Place.

Rob Gronkowski is one Patriot who has taken on Guerrero as a trainer recently and has shown results, as he's remained largely healthy this season after years of nagging injuries. He was cleared of wrongdoing in a 2014 letter instructing him to abide by state regulations while supervising licensed therapists at the TB12 Center. He is reportedly no longer permitted to treat players besides Brady there. He was sanctioned by federal regulators for falsely presenting himself as a medical doctor.

Brady's connection to Guerrero is well-known. According to the Globe's report, Belichick told a source, "Tom wants him". Brady has also refused to discuss the potentially distracting topic. "What am I supposed to do?"

Even though the reporter rephrased the question, the exchange was already skidding off course.

Belichick famously dislikes distractions.

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