FBI Thwarts Man Allegedly Planning Christmas Terror Attack At Pier 39

Kristopher Drake
December 23, 2017

He was discharged for failing to disclose a history of asthma, the affidavit said.

"We are grateful that our hardworking law enforcement partners remain vigilant in protecting our communities, especially during this holiday season", U.S. Attorney Phillip Talbert said in a statement.

They say Mr Jameson came to their attention in September after expressing "radical jihadi beliefs" and support of so-called Islamic State through social media use.

The suspect outlined to undercover agents how he wanted to use explosives to target crowds at the pier between December 18 and 25 because "Christmas was the flawless day to commit the attack".

Then, Jameson turned suggested an attack at Pier 39, adding that he wanted to use explosives that would "tunnel" or "funnel" people to a location where Jameson could "inflict casualties", the Federal Bureau of Investigation said.

"Jameson explained that he also desired to use explosives and described a plan in which explosives could "tunnel" or "funnel" people into a location where Jameson could inflict casualties", McKinney stated. On December 20, he said he had reconsidered and wasn't ready to do it.

He said he'd need ammunition, powder, tubing and nails, and would prefer an M-16 and AK-47. In a conversation with the second undercover Federal Bureau of Investigation agent, Jameson allegedly said, "I. don't think I can do this after all". He suggested that he could go to the mountains, build the devices at a remote campground and then return home and store the devices.

The agent told Jameson to hold off until he got approval from ISIS higher-ups. Jameson acknowledged that he understood.

Authorities say firearms, a will and a letter claiming the attack were found during a search of his home. Jameson called back and got the employee's voice mail, which gave only a name. During the meeting, Jameson and the undercover agent discussed Jameson's ability and desire to take part in terror activities. He also "liked" and "loved" a Facebook post that depicted a Santa Claus standing in NY with a box of dynamite.

The FBI complaint said he had expressed his support of attacks, including the October 31 truck attack in NY.

The informant began messaging Jameson, who told him that he was there to "join the cause against the darul kuffar ( or nonbelievers)". No one answered the phone there on Friday when KTVU called and left a message.

Jameson told the informant that he was a soldier in the "Kuffar army" before he reverted and that he was trained in combat and things of war.

They also discovered a handwritten letter.

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