British citizens will have to change their passports from next year

Phillip Butler
December 25, 2017

The dark blue color was first used in British passports in 1921.

A century after it was introduced, the blue passport will once again be presented by United Kingdom travellers seeking to be allowed to "pass freely without let or hindrance" as they enter overseas countries. "That's why I am particularly pleased to announce that British passports will recover their emblematic gold-plated plan on a blue background once we leave the European Union in 2019", he added.

The new blue and gold travel documents will be issued to those renewing or applying for a new passport from October 2019.

Immigration Minister Brandon Lewis told BBC Radio 4′s Today programme he knew many Remain voters who still had an "attachment" and "speak fondly" of the blue passport, something a giddy Farage recalled on LBC, with a story beginning with, "I remember in 1988".

He said: 'Leaving the European Union gives us a unique opportunity to restore our national identity and forge a new path for ourselves in the world'.

The new passports will include extra security features, according to the government, with a "super-strength plastic polycarbonate material" used for the picture page, making it harder to forge.

In the wake of Brexit, the design of the UK's passport has been much discussed - as a symbol of the country's post-EU identity.

And in 2007, Brussels tried to remove the phrase "Her Britannic Majesty" from the documents.

When questioned on its significance, given the state of Brexit negotiations, Farage double-downed, "it is a tangible gain and that's something", he said, before conceding slightly, that it wasn't, because of the Government: "There is an terrible lot more to do and we really do need a Government with some courage and with some vision and at the moment that does appear to be sadly lacking".

There have been numerous calls for the new passport to return to the dark blue colour after Brexit.

'I recognise that for many people who voted in that referendum, they want to see things that are different.

On Friday, Conservative parliamentarian Mark Pritchard asked the Commons whether it was aware that the new British passport "could be designed and printed in Germany - made in Berlin rather than made in Britain?"

Earlier in the week, British media reported widely that two unnamed printeries - one German, one French - had since been short-listed alongside Britain's De La Rue.

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