Pitbull put down after fatal attack in Bell County, Kentucky

Kristopher Drake
December 26, 2017

WYMT reports that Lorraine Saylor was putting out bird seed in her yard when she and her husband were attacked by two pit bulls.

The incident took place at 10:20 a.m. EST in Bell County in Arjay, Kentucky.

One woman was killed and her husband injured when they were attacked by pit bulls outside their Kentucky home.

His brother, who heard the commotion, distracted the dogs long enough to allow Johnny Saylor to rush inside and grab a.22 caliber pistol. "She anxious more about neighbors and friends than she did herself, as Johnny's the same way, they're just a very giving couple".

"Tragically the woman died from her injuries in the attack", the department said.

Bell County Sheriff's Deputies say that the dogs belonged to Johnny Dale Lankford, 42.

"Under no circumstances are you to engage this unsafe animal", they urged.

Lankford's two dogs which attacked the woman.

Local animal control said it is searching for the injured pit bull that was shot. "She became pregnant and the dog snapped at her a couple of times, and she got concerned and returned the dog", Agnew told the paper of the previous owner.

According to the BCSD Facebook page, Sheriff Mitch Williams is asking the community to be on the lookout for the brown and white pit bull that ran off after being injured. It is not known who, if anyone, was watching over the dogs when they attacked the Saylors.

"The strength, the power, and the aggressive nature of this dog is different from other dogs", Elliot said, in explanation of his proposal. The names of the victims were not being release pending notification of other family members, according to Bell County Coroner Jay Steele. "What I would say is we just lost a little boy".

"They were just a super nice couple, and I can't even begin to put myself in his shoes".

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