Virginia officials postpone draw to decide tied statehouse election

Kristopher Drake
December 27, 2017

This was substantial because with her win the Virginia House of Delegates would be at a 50/50 political party split.

They are requesting the State Board of Elections to hold off on tomorrow's drawing and for the court to reconsider its decision to count the ballot that tied up the race. Currently, Republicans hold a 50-49 majority.

A drawing of lots to settle a tied Virginia legislative race that could shift the statehouse balance of power will be postponed, election officials in the USA state said on Tuesday, after the Democrat candidate mounted a legal fight.

The ballot showed ovals for both candidates filled-in, but Simonds' bubble was then crossed out - and the rest of the ballot was filled out exclusively in favor of Republicans. But a day later, a three-judge panel certified the tie with 11,608 to 11,608 in the 94th District in Newport News.

Virginia's House would be evenly split between Democrats and Republicans if Simonds is declared the victor.

The postponement comes after lawyers representing Simonds filed a motion asking the board to delay the lot draw.

The recount had Simonds winning by one vote. Initially Yancey won by ten votes. The first name drawn from the bowl would be declared the victor. Her campaign is not necessarily arguing against the intent of the ballot in question, but instead that it was too late in the process to offer up this challenge. And, of course, bragging rights for another two years.

Democrats are now challenging the results out of Fredericksburg after about 100 residents in a split precinct were given the wrong ballot on Election Day in a House of Delegates contest. "That was a violation of Virginia law and it was a violation of the court order, and it was contrary to State Board of Elections guidance".

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