Dr Phil show denies claims of aiding addicts find drugs

Tomas Mccoy
December 30, 2017

In one shocking example, "Survivor: China" victor Todd Herzog told reporters he appeared on the program drunk as he was dealing with alcoholism in 2013. Herzog explains how he returned to the show a fourth time in order to take advantage of the free treatment being offered to him, and has since become sober. "In his dressing room, he said, he found a bottle of Smirnoff vodka".

If these allegations are true, then #Phil McGraw could be bombarded by a massive amount of past guests coming forward with the same claims in potentially one of the biggest television scandals of all time. But Dr. Maureen Boyle, an addiction specialist that STAT/The Boston Globe consulted for their story, says that the show should have provided Kaitlin and her baby with medical care when she landed in Los Angeles, pointing out that the mission to obtain heroin was "incredibly deadly". "It's like if one of them was drowning and approaching a lifeboat, and instead of throwing them an inflatable doughnut, you throw them an anchor", he said. "I was so scared", Smith said. Another woman, Joelle King-Parrish, accused the show of failing to provide medical attention to her pregnant, heroin-addicted daughter Kaitlin when she was a guest in 2016. Jordan was a heroin addict and Marianne became concerned that Jordan was going through extreme and risky withdrawals in the hotel room without medical care. Though a Dr. Phil producer texted to say Kaitlin should stay at the hospital, Kaitlin refused, and they arrived at the studio. The producer tagged along as they headed to Skid Row in search of drugs.

Martin Greenberg, a psychologist and the show's director of professional affairs, said the footage "simply documented the natural behavior she observed, which would have occurred whether she was there or not".

Former guests of "Dr. Phil" allege that the show provided them, as addicts, with drugs and alcohol while on set. None of this will deter the Dr. Phil show from it's commitment to continue to educate and inform the public about the worsening epidemic of addiction.

In the "Path to Recovery" program, users wear goggles to be placed in VR settings with Dr. Phil - either in a bar or in his backyard - to discuss avoiding triggers for substance abuse.

"Today, I had an entire bottle, like a liter, of vodka", Herzog told McGraw on stage.

Greenberg, through a lawyer, clarified in a separate statement issued through a lawyer.

"The fact that you can "cherry pick" three, or 30, or 300 guests for that matter, who seek to blame others for their plight or struggle in life, is not the least bit surprising", the shows statement concluded. "It does not mean that a guest is being monitored 100% of the time". During his appearance, Herzog appeared drunk and had to be helped to his chair by two people. "It was a complete bust", she said of the show.

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