Steve Jobs, the Italian clothing firm wins case against Apple

Randall Craig
December 30, 2017

The company's Facebook page shows it makes jeans, T-shirts and bags, and carries a series of quotes from Jobs himself such as "Don't waste time living someone else's life".

Yes, as reported by the New York Daily News, the Italian fashion company Steve Jobs has won a lawsuit brought by Apple over their use of the name Steve Jobs, the late founder of Apple whom the company once pushed out and then brought back once they realized he was the only person in the building with any good ideas. The brothers told Business Insider that as aspiring innovators, they hoped to name their company after the most excellent innovator, Steve Jobs.

Of course, Apple chose to sue them over the trademark and lost their fight in court.

Apple lost the fight and the brothers get to keep their trademark and can continue to use the name.

The inexplicable decision apparently rested on the fact that Apple chose to focus on the bite from the letter J, arguing that this was clearly copying its own logo.

Iconic names like Mac, iPhone, and iPod may be off limits for company names, the Steve Jobs isn't. The court decided that the brothers could use the "bite" mark on the "J" was not a bite because letters are not edible. Also, it's logo is among the most recognised brand logos in the world.

Italian Steve Jobs now makes jeans, clothing and accessories, but they hope to venture into electronics soon. Therefore the company is not is not ripping off Apple's iconic logo and upheld the brother's trademark.

'We are working on a line of highly innovative electronic devices, projects we have been working on for years, ' the pair said.

Steve Jobs must be destroying his black turtlenecks in the big Apple Store in the sky right now.

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