Brad Pitt Bids A Whopping $120K On Exclusive 'Game Of Thrones' Viewing

Tomas Mccoy
January 9, 2018

When Harrington offered himself to sit in and watch the episode with Clarke and the winning bidder, Pitt raised his bid to $120,000.

The 54-year-old actor was among the A-listers who attended Sean Penn's annual "Steadying the Storm" gala for Haiti in Los Angeles, California on Saturday, Jan. 7.

Other celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio, Lean Dunham, Jeremy Renner, Edward Norton, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jason Segel were also in attendance and by the end of the evening, an enormous $37 million was raised for the people of Haiti.

Clarke's co-star Kit Harington was present, but had stepped out to the restroom.

According to Variety, the auction to watch one episode of the award-winning fantasy series with Clarke started at $20,000.

Now we have to ask if you had the money would you bid that much for viewing of Game of Thrones with The Mother of Dragons and the King of the North? Brad Pitt, Emilia Clarke and Kit Harington all sitting in the living room with blankets and hot chocolates watching some good GOT... would have been incredible.

Brad Pitt bid $120,000 at Sean Penn's charity gala.

However, Pitt did not go home empty-handed. The acclaimed actor scored a consolation National Basketball Association weekend experience with the San Antonio Spurs, which included a flight with the team, tickets to a game, and VIP seats for a team practice, and all for just $40,000.

Clarke also picked up a prize at the auction after engaging in a little bidding war with DiCaprio over the same Josh Smith painting.

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