Israel reveals blacklist of BDS groups not welcome in Jewish State

Kristopher Drake
January 9, 2018

"No country would have allowed critics coming to harm the country to entry it", he added.

European groups on the list include BDS France; BDS Italy; War on Want; Friends of Al-Aksa; The European Coordination of Committees and Associations for Palestine; and Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

The project will work to counter BDS pressure applied to artists, performers, and commercial enterprises not to engage with Israel.

"We answered the call for divestment from apartheid South Africa and we have done the same with the call for Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions from Palestinians who have faced decades of human rights violations", said Kerri Kennedy, an AFSC official.

"The UK government must condemn this latest crackdown on human rights defenders".

Supporters of the movement say the tactics are a nonviolent way to promote the Palestinian cause.

Hassan Jabareen, general director of Adalah, which provides legal aid for Arabs, compared the ban to South Africa's apartheid regime, where they "prepared blacklists in order to punish people and prevent the entry of those opposed to its racist policies".

"Hugh Lanning, the chair of Palestine Solidarity Campaign, said: "[The campaign] should be a wake-up call for the United Kingdom government and all those who continue to describe Israel as a normal, liberal democracy. Only states that wish to protect their ability to act unjustly behave in this way. "He should make clear that the UK Government will not cooperate with these measures".

Israel had previously refused to divulge the full list of blacklisted groups.

The statement from Erdan's office said that the proscribed NGOs were "the main boycott organisations which operate consistently and continuously against the state of Israel, while putting pressure on organisations, institutions and countries to boycott Israel". It said "central figures in key boycott organisations" risked being prevented entry.

The Ministry of Strategic Affairs announced over the weekend that 20 organizations, including six that are based in the USA, are on the list. He called the blacklist "another step in our battle against the incitement and lies spread by the boycott groups". "The organizations' activities are carried out through a false propaganda campaign aimed at undermining Israel's legitimacy in the world".

"Clearly, the Israeli government is very aware that increasing numbers of Jews and all people worldwide support the BDS movement, and are seeking to intimidate and coerce us into silence", JVP executive director Rebecca Vilkomerson wrote in a Haaretz op-ed.

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