Flaming spider causes $11000 worth of damage in apartment

Tomas Mccoy
January 10, 2018

An attempt to kill a spider using a torch lighter has left three people displaced after causing a fire.

No injuries were reported from the blaze.

The residents will have to stay somewhere else for the time being because the building has been deemed structurally unsound. The flaming arachnid scuttled onto a mattress in an upstairs bedroom, setting it abalze as well, she said.

They caught the bedding on fire, which spread to the walls of the apartment. Firefighters extinguished the flames in the bedroom in 20 minutes - before it engulfed the entire building.

Battalion Chief Rob Pitt told the Statesman Journal the residents tried to put the fire out with a garden house but were unsuccessful. Wisegarver said they were able to extinguish the mattress, but the flames had spread to a flag collection and a set of curtains.

The fire caused about $11,000 in damage.

Apparently, Wisegarver said they've been thinking about moving for a while. "We'll make it work", she told the news outlet.

They say they were trying to burn the spider with a propane torch when they accidentally ignited the corner of a box spring. The species does bite and the venom can be risky to humans, but is usually not fatal. The bites of a North American wolf spider can be painful but harmless.

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