Net neutrality's latest hope: 22 state attorneys general file lawsuit against FCC

Phillip Butler
January 17, 2018

They prohibited AT&T Inc., Charter Communications Inc., Verizon Communications Inc. and other broadband and wireless internet service providers from selling faster delivery of certain data, slowing speeds for specific video streams and other content, and blocking or otherwise discriminating against any legal online material. But before you bemoan the end of net neutrality, a last minute war is being wagered in the Senate and Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) now says Democrats in the Senate are a single vote away from restoring net neutrality.

"Today's discussion reinforces that a free and open internet is essential to Vermont's economy, as well as the free flow of ideas, creativity, and participatory democracy", said Rep.

The FCC voted 3 to 2 to repeal net neutrality rules, which ensured that all internet traffic be treated equally by internet service providers.

A spokesman for Pai declined to comment on the attorneys general suit.

The report notes that Schneiderman called the FCC's repeal of net neutrality "arbitrary" and "capricious", and said it violates federal law. A group of state attorneys general immediately vowed to sue. The Senate said its resolution of disapproval through the Congressional Review Act had 50 signatures-just one vote shy of passing it.

The resolution reportedly has the support of all 49 Democratic senators along with one Republican, Sen. Still, even if they succeed, they would need the House of Representatives to pass a similar measure and get President Donald Trump to sign it.

Net neutrality supporters also are seeking to have Congress block the FCC's repeal.

The decision to overturn Net Neutrality has significant implications for businesses that use internet services and for service providers delivering their platforms and services to others.

State lawmakers have also introduced bills in Missouri, Nebraska, New Jersey, Rhode Island, South Carolina and Washington, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures, which tracks state bills.

Lawmakers in states like New York, Washington and MA have also proposed bills in recent weeks to enforce the principles of net neutrality within their borders.

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