Apple Apologizes for Slowing Down Older Versions of iPhones

Phillip Butler
January 18, 2018

The next update to iOS 11 will let users disable the feature which intentionally slows down battery, Apple CEO Tim Cook has said.

Cook also commented on Apple's announcement that it plans to hire 20,000 new workers and open a second campus, saying that only some of its new investments are due to the tax law passed last month.

He said that this update will inform users when their iPhone is reducing its performance to prevent unexpected shutdowns.

Later Cook went on to say that "maybe we should have been clearer, as well", which offers some hope that Apple now understands that a line in the release notes about power management isn't enough for people. The company claims to replace batteries for low prices and issue software in 2018, to help customers monitor their phone's battery health, BBC reported. "Now we don't recommend it, because we think that people's iPhones are really import to them, and you can never tell when something is so urgent".

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When the news broke that Apple was slowing down older phones, some Apple fans charged that the company was doing it to get them to upgrade to newer iPhones. After the company announced plans to contribute $350 billion and 20,000 jobs to the USA economy, Apple stock surged in afternoon trades following a morning marked by a pair of analyst reports on iPhone X production cuts.

It also will give them the option to turn off the throttling feature the company instituted a year ago to prevent older devices from shutting down when batteries became too weak. "We will tell someone we're reducing your performance by some amount in order to not have an unexpected restart".

After the issue coming to public knowledge, earlier last month, the Cupertino based giant initiated a battery replacement program around the world for users with older iPhones.

With its admission that it throttles performance on older iPhones, Apple is facing one of its biggest controversies in years. Accern also assigned media coverage about the iPhone maker an impact score of 43.6136054848803 out of 100, indicating that recent press coverage is somewhat unlikely to have an effect on the stock's share price in the immediate future. The company also did the same thing for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus when it released iOS 11.2. The disable throttling option is expected to be released with their developer beta in February and it could be available as a final public release sometime in March.

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